The right government business strategy is the difference-maker

There are over 5000 companies selling technology products and services to government agencies. It’s a crowded space, full of mission-centric value propositions and feature overlap. And sure, there is big game hunting. But those huge deals don’t actually grow the business, and you’ll starve along the way.

So, how do you breakthrough and accelerate your business growth?

It starts with the right government business strategy, one that effectively aligns your brand, solutions, differentiators, resources and partners in a series of use cases that can be replicated across the industry. The right strategy not only reduces your risk, it accelerates your success while making it easier for everyone on your government field teams to be working better together.

If you already have a B2G strategy, GBR can evaluate it and provide clear, actionable recommendations in the areas of industry approach, differentiation, messaging, marketing, enablement, partner ecosystem and internal resourcing.

If you don’t have a strategy, no problem. Our team of seasoned government industry and technology experts can quickly and effectively create a powerful go-to-market strategy that makes the most sense for your business, your team and your resources in a way that most effectively leverages your partners. What’s more, you won’t need to increase your headcount or coordinate with multiple firms.

Does your strategy need an update? Or, do you need help developing your go-to market strategy?
Let us help.
“We had acquired a company with products and technology that were different than ours, and  needed to quickly position these products within in the government sector and in a way that made sense to our existing government customers.  We knew that Government Business Results was the only company that could do the positioning quickly and accurately, aligning the market direction of the acquired company with our government field sales teams, and execute the marketing and sales enablement that we needed to meet our revenue targets in the current fiscal year.  With GBR’s help we were able to not just meet our revenue numbers for the new products, but seed a mix of high volume and long-term program business for the next several years.”
– VP of Public Sector, Adobe