About GBR

We are the number one choice for Government Go-To-Market

Before starting GBR, we spent decades helping fuel successful public sector businesses for blue chip technology companies. We designed, crafted, implemented and adjusted the Go-to-Market strategy, powerful B2G marketing and rich content for highly successful industry teams selling into the government, education and healthcare markets.

In 2010, we pooled our experiences and know-how to build a strong, repeatable go-to-market process and set of services that help companies of all sizes enter the public sector markets, expand their footprints, beat the competition and grow their businesses.

Why we’re different

Simply put, the GBR difference is that we are a Go-to-Market firm. We pride ourselves on two things: a nerd-like obsession with the Public Sector technology, and driving real results for our clients.

With over 100 years of combined Public Sector experience, our team of experts have proven depth in government marketing, industry strategy, and sales enablement disciplines that businesses need to drive real, lasting results.

We can deliver individually in any of the 3 areas, and can seamlessly weave these three disciplines together to accelerate your public sector business.

Where you’ll find us

Today, GBR is a thriving woman-owned small business, headquartered in Northern Virginia, with a team that spans the nation.

“We had an opportunity to go after a previously untapped niche in the government marketplace and needed to put together a go-to-market plan fast. With our team all focused on driving results in existing markets, we turned to GBR. They had the expertise as well as the drive and attention-to-detail necessary to create a plan in  very short time frame. In the end, Juliana Slye and her team delivered a realistic, well-thought and detailed plan within our deadline just as we knew they could.”
– Christine S.