Meet Juliana Slye

Your GovTech Event Emcee

With more than 20 years’ experience fueling business growth in the public sector technology market, Juliana transcends the role of traditional emcee.  As a seasoned GovTech strategist and compelling storyteller, her unique knowledge and stage presence weave together in an unforgettable stage presence that other emcees simply can’t offer.  

Each event is engaging, and her on-stage interactions are insightful and resonate with your audience.  Juliana ignites and underscores key industry go-to-market themes by deftly guiding conversations with presenters and panelists alike.  Her dynamic stage presence and focused preparation set her apart, making every event – virtual or in-person – a pivotal moment for attendees and organizers alike. 

Does your next event need a dynamic, insightful speaker?
Let us help.

GovTech Expert Emcee Package

This comprehensive emcee experience is tailored to enhance your go-to-market strategy with a robust set of pre- and post-services that ensure a dynamic and impactive event.

Pre-Event Services

  • Initial consultation to align with your GTM objectives and event goals
  • Participation in event planning sessions to fine-tune event flow and timing.
  • In-depth market and application area research to reveal and integrate relevant trends and contemporary themes
  • Collaboration on event scripting, speaker bios, and stage management plans
  • Virtual and optional in-person rehearsals to ensure a polished delivery (additional on-site rehearsal options are available)
  • Promotion of event via LinkedIn on personal and GBR social channels

Event Services

  • Full-day emcee and event on-stage leadership, managing agenda flow and rhythm, speaker transitions and audience engagement
  • Real-time event promotion with on-site posts from personal and GBR LinkedIn channels
  • Virtual presence and travel to locations within the metro DC-MD-VA area. Travel outside of the DMV can be arranged for an additional fee.

Post-Event Services

  • Comprehensive LinkedIn post-event wrap-up post, with key insights and highlights, shared through personal and GBR channels
  • Additional options for LinkedIn article and/or GBR Blog recaps available

GovTech Panel Moderator /Fireside Chat Package

When your event needs focused expertise, this package delivers powerful engagement that aligns with your specific market needs.

Pre-Event Services

  • Initial consultation to align with your event, other participants and session objectives
  • Research into the vendor application area and market segment to surface contemporary themes and insightful questions
  • Lead development and collaboration of recommended moderator questions
  • Pre-event collaborative session to prepare your panelists, tailoring questions and themes to their strengths and your strategic goals

Event Services

  • Professional moderation of a single panel or fireside chat. Additional panels or chats at the same event can be added for a reduced rate.
  • Real-time event promotion with on-site posts from personal and GBR LinkedIn channels
  • Virtual presence and travel to locations within the metro DC-MD-VA area. Travel outside of the DMV can be arranged for an additional fee.

Post-Event Services

  • Comprehensive LinkedIn post-event wrap-up post, with key insights and highlights, shared through personal and GBR channels


Why do I need a GTM-Enabled Emcee? 

Choosing a GTM-enabled emcee means placing your event in the hands of a seasoned professional not only guides the day’s proceedings, but delivers deep market insights and strategic content alignment into every aspect of the performance. Beyond introducing speakers and hyping up the crowd – a GTM-enabled emcee is adding adding actionable insight. This focused approach enhances audience engagement and supports your broader go-to-market objectives, making each event a strategic opportunity for growth and impact. 

How does a GTM-enabled emcee add value to an event? 

A GTM-enabled emcee brings a strategic approach to hosting by aligning the live event content and interactions with your go-to-market strategy. This ensures that every element of the event, from speaker introductions to audience engagement, supports your marketing and sales objectives and builds a strong connection to your brand. 

What types of events are best suited for a GTM-enabled emcee? 

Events tailored to business leaders and decision-makers in specific markets, such as industry conferences, product launches, executive summits, and sales meetings are perfect for GTM-enabled emcees. A knowledgeable emcee can seamlessly integrate market trends and strategic insights into the event narrative, making them ideal platforms for a GTM-enabled approach. 

How far in advance do I need to book your emcee services? 

To ensure the highest level of preparation and customization for your event, it is recommended to book emcee services at least three months in advance.  This allows ample time for thorough market research, script development and collaborative planning with your event team to align the emceeing style and content with your specific objectives.  

Can you provide examples of past events where you have served as a GTM-enabled emcee? 

Juliana presents in-person and virtually nearly every week, to audience that range from 10 to 500 or more.  While specific event details are confidential, she has previously emceed major tech industry conferences, facilitated high-level panels at government technology expos, taught marketing courses, and led product launch events for cutting-edge software solutions. . Each of these events was tailored to the strategic goals of the organizers, with a focus on delivering a compelling narrative that reinforced their market position and facilitated meaningful connections among attendees. 

What is required from us to maximize the impact of a GTM-enabled emcee at our event? 

We ask that you provide detailed information about your company’s market strategies, target audience and key messages. An NDA can be arranged if preferred.  Regular coordination meetings and access to key speakers for insights and feedback on draft scripts and content are also important. This collaborative approach enables us to seamlessly integrate your event goals with the audience expectations. 

How do you tailor your approach for different audiences or industries? 

In-depth research into the industry-specific challenges, trends and opportunities relevant to your audience are always the foundation.  Added to that are discussions with your team to understand the nuances of your market and the objectives you aim to achieve. By customizing the language, tone and content to fit the industry context, we are able to deliver emcee support that resonates effectively with each unique audience. 

What happens if there are event schedule changes at the last minute? 

Flexibility is a key component of these services. In the event of last-minute changes, Juliana is always prepared to adapt quickly to revised schedules, speaker shifts or format changes. The goal is to maintain a smooth and engaging event flow, ensuring that changes are handled seamlessly and with minimal disruption to the attendees’ experience. 

“Jules is a phenomenal presenter and brings incredible data insights to her presentation!  Her sessions are always my favorite, and give me incredible insight for my business.”
– Head of Public Sector Channel, Atlassian