Want to shape the future?

Our client list is growing, and so are our full-time and contract rosters.  Our teams help shape the government industry future for some of the top technical companies in the world.

Interested in learning more?  Take a look below and click on a job to apply for it.

Full-Time Hire

A few of the benefits of our full-time positions:

  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Employer-funded healthcare reimbursement
  • Employer-matching 401(k)
  • Annual bonuses
  • Work from home (…even before COVID made it a ‘thing’)
  • Access to the latest technologies, toolkits and capabilities

Contract Creative Partners

GBR has a community of contract creative partners and providers that help us deliver industry-leading content.

Benefits of becoming a GBR Contract Creative Partner:

  • Steady, consistent work
  • Flexible assignments – work when you want it
  • Net 7 day payment cycles (for solo practitioners)
  • Ability to develop marketable industry skillsets in your creative field

Please click on the job name to learn more about a job, and to apply.

Don’t see a job that fits your skillset?

Drop us a line anyway…we’re always cookin’ up something cool.